iLiv Contract is the culmination of years of success in two discrete sister companies merged to form a single, unified approach to serving the contract fabric industry in the best way possible. With a background which encompasses both trade fabric success and home interior innovation, iLiv Contract has the reputation and the staff to deliver continued sterling success for the contract fabrics industry.

Thanks to our visible presence in a variety of key industry sectors, including leisure, education, hospitality and hotels, healthcare and care homes, iLiv Contract has experience in delivering solutions for every conceivable contract fabric challenge for businesses both large and small. Every customer, no matter their area of industry, appreciates the high quality of iLiv Contract's fabric products, the choice of great fabrics on offer and the impeccable service provided by our experienced staff.

We have a proud record of delivering fire safety fabrics, cushion covers, curtains and other dormitory and office-related fabrics to customers in a timely and professional manner. This involves customising our product delivery to incorporate particular patterns, finishes, styles, materials, corporate insignia and other materials. Bespoke delivery is at the heart of what we do as a company and it is the lynch-pin around which we allow our fire safety and consumer fabric backgrounds to meet.

However, we are always looking to improve our services and expand our product range, never resting on our laurels. This involves developing even safer fire resistant products, constantly updating our design portfolio to ensure it meets the needs of a range of industries, and improving our own product delivery and customer service practices. This is the heart of what we do as an evolving, changing company.