Contract Fabric Suppliers

iLiv Contract, the new name for SMD Contract, are leading contract fabric suppliers with decades of experience serving businesses and organisations across the UK and abroad.

We are an approved NHS supplier, with extensive knowledge of flame-retardant fabrics that ensure safety in commercial, educational and public buildings. With customers in the leisure, healthcare, education and care home sectors, we supply many different companies and organisations with fabrics that are using for curtains, bedding and furniture upholstery.

By offering a number of collections, we can provide you with fabrics in the style and theme that you require Ė whether itís modern and trendy for a hotel, or more conservative and hard-wearing for a classroom.

Our website allows you to save your favourite fabrics and collections to your Moodboard Ė which you can then print off or revisit at a later date. We also offer free samples and have brochures available for download.

If you require any further information please donít hesitate to get in touch with us.