Flame Retardant Polyester supplier

The top of the list when looking for safe fabrics to use in a clinical or customer facing setting is to ensure that they have the best flame retardant qualities possible and that often means using a polyester fabric base.

iLiv Contract uses a composition of inherently flame retardant polyester in its fabrics to ensure its fire safe qualities are not just limited to the yarn and extend to the whole fabric. As a leading supplier of flame retardant polyester fabrics, we know exactly what people are looking for in this sensitive and important area of their business fabric supplies.

We supply a large number of hospitals, care homes, leisure centres, offices and other areas where the health and safety and fire safety requirements are of paramount importance. We know that the most important thing to managers, healthcare professionals and leisure centres is to ensure that their staff, customers and infrastructure is safe and protected from the ever present risk of fire.

Every workplace in the modern era is packed with electronics and it only takes one of these items to develop a fault for you to potentially have a devastating electrical fire on your hands and having flame retardant fabrics, from a specialist flame retardant polyester supplier like iLiv Contract, ensures you are covering your legal obligations, but also protecting what is most important to you: your organisation and the people within it.

All of this means you need a flame retardant polyester supplier that you know and trust. With many years experience in this part of industry, and the willingness and capability to change with shifting technology and to know what customers want, iLiv Contract is emerging as one of the UK's leading suppliers of flame retardant polyester and related fire safe fabrics and materials.