Shetland Poppy

Collection: Shetland Mixed
Composition: Polyester with Anti-bac, Fluorocarbon and Crib 5 Coating
Width: 138cm
Weight: 429gm²
Special Care Instructions:
Remove spillages promptly with an absorbent dry cloth. Vacuum and wipe clean regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust particles and prevent build up of soliling.
For heavier soiling use a mild liquid soap and water, ensuring that cleaning product residues are fully rinsed out as they can inhibit the stain repellent in the fabric.
Remove bodily fluids promptly (within 15 minutes) with cold water and clean as above.
Do not machine wash, fully immerse, dry clean or apply other chemical/stain removers.
If necessary use a mild disinfectant or bleach diluted to 3 parts per 100.
FR Certification:
BS 7176, Medium Hazard, Source 0,1,5 Testing over CMHR foam
Martindale: 84,000 Rubs
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